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Consists of three main responsibilities:

  • Fulfilling your duty to your client
  • Complying with securities / investment industry regulations
  • Complying with the Real Estate Act of Alberta

Duty to client

We help you serve your clients' interest by offering the best possible mortgage loan and rate for their situation, while respecting your relationship and their privacy.

Securities / investment industry regulations

We do not solicit funds from clients to invest in mortgages. We strictly act on behalf of institutions. Referring a client to us does not constitute an investment activity.

You should consult with your compliance department regarding any compliance questions or issues.

Real Estate Act of Alberta

Governs the activities of real estate agents & brokers, mortgage agents & brokers, and lenders.

It is permissible for a person who is not registered as a mortgage broker to receive referral compensation if:

  • Compensation is for referring potential clients to a registered Broker or Agent,
  • You are not recommending a specific lender or product, 
  • You are not soliciting or completing loan applications on behalf of clients, and
  • Any compensation is paid by the mortgage brokerage, not the mortgage agent or lender.

Our referral program is fully compliant with the Real Estate Act and Regulations. Some of our competitors are not. If you are not licensed as a mortgage broker and receive any payments directly from a lender, you may be subject to administrative or disciplinary penalties under the Real Estate Act.